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The Top 20 Chess Websites

Do you want to educate yourself and become a better chess player? Well, like other games, every chess player looks forward to improving, winning, and understanding more about this ancient game. However, you may not have plenty of friends and training partners to practice every time. Fortunately, this has been made easy currently, thanks to various modern technological advancements.

Some years back, you had to own a chessboard, chess clock, where to play, and find a willing partner to spend some time practicing for the game. However, with modern technology, all you need is a personal computer with a good connection to the internet. With these, it takes you a few clicks to start playing your favorite game. This has been made possible by the presence of various chess websites that are easily accessible.

That said, below are some of the best chess websites that can improve your gaming experience.


  1. Chess.com

Chess.com is a perfect website that any enthusiastic chess fan should identify with. The platform hosts millions of chess players globally, with approximately more than 7 million active members currently. The platform allows users to find opponents matching their level with ease. Therefore, regardless of your level, be it a beginner or a grandmaster, you can be sure of enjoying your game.

As for the features, you can choose from various time controls, ranging from one minute, five minutes to 60 minutes games. You can also opt for correspondence chess games, which gives you days to complete your moves. Chess.com also has a leaderboard with more than 3 million users where you can compare your playing strength with other members.

Chess.com is compatible with mobile devices, with applications for both iOS and Android smart devices. With this, you can enjoy this game wherever you are, be it sitting on a bus, on your bed, on the beach or in the queue.


  1. Lichess.org

Lichess.org is another up and rising chess website with incredible tactics. The website offers various online play modes and endless training features for enthusiastic beginner players. Apart from access to standard chess games with variable time controls, users can choose from 8 chess variations, including the Atomic chess, Chess960, Three-check chess, and many others.

The only issue with Lichess.org is that the variations have few users, and it takes some time to find a compatible opponent to play against in your specifically chosen variation. That aside, you can be sure to play chess coupled with lots of fun from this website.


  1. Playchess.com

Playchess.com is a well-known website run by ChessBase, the company behind various popular chess software. The site suits both beginner and chess masters looking to advance their level of play. Thousands of games are played around the website every minute. You can also pause your game and watch the strongest players live in action with one click.

Probably the best part of playing with Playchess.com is that the website is compatible with ChessBase software. You will also enjoy plenty of chess action from chess grandmasters, including Kasparov, Nakamara, and Carlsen.


  1. Chessbomb

Chessbomb is another great website whose primary intention was to provide chess events coverage and broadcast relevant chess events across the world. Apart from providing updates of the latest chess events and news, the platform also enables users to follow up on ongoing tournaments with realtime computer analysis.


  1. Internet Chess Club

As the name suggests, the Internet Chess Club has long been a premier chess-playing website. Early chess enthusiasts will attest that it was the go-to website for those who wanted to play against international chess masters and grandmasters. With advancing technology, recent websites, including Chess.com and Lichess have overtaken Internet Chess Club for various reasons. Also, unlike other websites, membership is not free, but members can enjoy a one-month free trial period.


  1. Sparkchess

Another chess website worth visiting for enjoyable online games is the Sparkchess. The website is overly intuitive and suitable for kids looking to better their chess experience. Probably the best feature of this website is the ability to play on a 3D chessboard. You can rotate, pan and zoom for better playing experience.

The website allows users to choose if they want to play against non-human opponents with varying strengths or against other chess players who are online. The platform also lists the most active players, players with the most wins, and much more.


  1. Chessgames.com

Chessgames.com is another gigantic chess website with more than 700,000 games. The website is constantly being updated with new chess game designs, making it an invaluable resource for those who want to learn chess, study how top players play their games, or preparing for a specific tournament. Those who have used it refer to it as the greatest chess game database that ever existed.

Probably the greatest asset for Chessgames.com is the incredible chess community it has amassed. The platform’s numerous games have annotated deeply by strong chess players and enthusiasts on the website who create a seamless vibe. That aside, registration for the website is entirely free.


  1. Free Internet Chess Server

With more than 300,000 registered users, the Free Internet Chess Server is not only the oldest database but also one of the largest internet chess servers. The website suits serious chess enthusiasts and average professionals looking to enjoy occasional games. With such a huge amount of registered players, you can be sure of quickly finding a player to challenge your skills. You can as well engage the computer for an enjoyable gaming experience.

The Free Internet Chess Server offers nearly all the variants of chess, with popular variants including the Loser’s Chess, Suicide, Atomic Chess, Crazyhouse, and Bughouse chess. The platform also provides different interfaces for chess players of varying levels, with the Jin Chess being a favorite for Mac players and Thief for those using PC.


  1. Fide.com

Fide.com is the official website of the World Chess Federation. As with other best chess websites, it provides an interactive interface where chess players can extract a lot from them. To begin, the platform has a leaderboard where it displays the top players in various categories. From the chess opens, women, girls, juniors, and the person of the day. You will also have access to the latest news from the world of chess, which is updated almost immediately.

The website has an up to date calendar that highlights important upcoming events in chess, including the world championship cycle, close events according to user location, and specific events according to continents.


  1. Chessarena.com

Chessarena.com is another chess-playing platform with equal popularity and respect with other well-established sites. Perhaps the main feature of this website is the regular “challenge the master” event, where every user has the opportunity to play against a strong titled player for the highest position.


  1. GameKnot

GameKnot is among the largest correspondence sites with more than one million members yet free to play. It is a turn-based chess website where both beginners and grandmasters are welcomed. Probably among the many reasons why most chess aficionados like this website are due to its ease of use. You won’t need to download the app to start playing. All operations are browser-based, and the intuitive user interface makes it easy to complete your moves.

The platforms’ live and online chess servers also allow users to play as many games as possible without interruptions. It accommodates both bullet, turn-based, standard and blitz games. GameKnot also offers learning and training resources for improving players.


  1. Red Hot Pawn

Red Hot Pawn is another correspondence only website with a large user base. The platform stocks tournaments, teams known as clans, ladders, and multiple play modes. Unlike the International Chess Club, basic membership of Red Hot Pawn is free. However, if you need advanced features, you will have to pay for some subscription.

Players can enjoy their games from their browsers or smartphones. The best thing is that all the site features are available in the mobile app, which is available for both iPhone and Android versions.


  1. Chessworld.net

Chessworld.net is a friendly online chess-playing platform with lots of features to make your gaming experience enjoyable. Players are encouraged to chat between moves, share handshakes and other goodies as they continue with their game. The platform also hosts real-life events around the world in a bid to popularize this exciting game.

The platform has playing, learning, and support components that make it overly enjoyable. If you are looking to play, there are thousands of active members, hundreds of moves hourly and unlimited games. For learning chess players, you can start from the interactive puzzles, learn how to best make your openings, and search for coaching opportunities.


  1. ItsYourTurn.com

ItsYourTurn.com is a comparably basic chess website compare to others. This makes it suitable for casual players searching for serious competition. The platform provides for simple correspondence play without much bells and whistles. You will enjoy the huge number of games available on the website, including Xiangqi, Battleships, and Cot to Backgammon.


  1. Chess24

Chess24 is another popular website to play and learn chess online. Like other reputable chess websites, it offers everything chess players might need to develop their playing experience. Chess24 not only offers a large play zone that allows users to play against opposition players of their level but also provides several training opportunities.

As with other platforms, you have access to various time controls, enroll in various tournaments, and find other chess enthusiasts to play against. The platform also regularly updates its leaderboard allowing users to monitor various states. What most players liked from Chess24 is the user-friendly interface. Among many, it has an intuitive coverage of live tournaments with commendable commentators.

Another exciting feature of Chess24 is it doesn’t tie you to the computer. You can download the available app and enjoy the game on your phone.


  1. TheChessWorld.com

If you are an avid chess player or follower, you should be familiar with TheChessWorld.com. The platform offers countless resources for improving chess players looking to take their game to advanced levels. It provides comprehensive chess content, including basic rules for beginners, tactics, and properly analyzed positions, tactical puzzles, and problems.

The website also provides weekly chess training tips, studies columns, new updates in the theory section, recent tournament analysis, chess books/software reviews, and much more.


  1. Chesspro.ru

Chesspro.ru is a popular Russian chess website and one of the best globally. The platform offers chess news columns, interviews with top players and outside theoretical overview of chess games. Enthusiasts can also enjoy live broadcasts of major chess games with commentary available in Russian language.


  1. 2700chess.com

If you like keeping updated with the latest in chess, 2700chess.com should be your website of choice. The platform is dedicated to monitoring live ratings of top players in the world. That aside, you can enjoy live games in various categories.


  1. Chessdom.com

Chessdom.com is a popular chess news website that covers recent events in professional chess, such as live broadcasting of major tournaments and engine analysis of individual moves. Unlike other common chess websites, Chessdom.com is focused on general events and news coverage than providing training exercises. However, they provide a good amount of instructional content.

Within a day after a major chess event, Chessdom.com uploads interviews with top players in the tournament to give their feedback. The site also publishes current chess news, interviews and does a great job of relaying important and educative information to their viewers.


  1. New in Chess

If you are looking for a chess website that offers lessons, New in Chess should be your website of choice. The website focuses on chess analytics and opening novelties. They regularly publish chess magazines that cover various aspects in detail, which are important to competitive chess players. The book-publishing program highlights training manuals, chess history, chess entertainment, and opening theory.

The website also runs an online chess shop that provides both readers and chess enthusiasts with various chess products from major production companies. The magazine features regular contributions from the world’s best players, including Wesley So, Anish Giri, Vladimir Kramnik, Levon Aronian, and many others.

Gambling on Chess Players

Many of us love the excitement of betting against each other when playing chess. But there are other options if you live in UK or Canada. For example, you can gamble online on other chess players. Some Canadian online casinos also offer these options, and some more dedicated sports betting sites like the UK  betting site Betway.

You can find several chess tournaments you can gamble on that can be good opportunities for avid fans and spectators. Of course, the most popular one to bet on is World Chess Cup. This prestigious event is organized by FIDE every two years and draws top-ranked players worldwide. In addition, the FIDE Grand Prix, the leading organization in the sport, offers good potential for betting and making a profit.

Aside from these competitions, numerous other chess tournaments offer chances to place your bet. This kind of tournament attracts diverse, skilled players, creating exciting betting opportunities because of the competitive chess gameplay. As such, those interested in the sport can explore various options for betting and enjoy the thrill of following their preferred players and tournaments.

However, remember to gamble on chess responsibly.

The Bottom Line

There are multiple chess websites available online. While some concentrate on a specific aspect of the game, such as the opening theories, essential tactics, studies or even betting, others provide general guidance. You can achieve good results by collecting personal experience, acquiring new skills, and learning through analysis provided by these websites. Take advantage of the websites mentioned above to read more about chess and play as much as you can to develop your skills.